Travelling in Style: Barcelona, Spain

Here it is...the other Barcelona apartment rental that caught my eye from Destination BCN.  I love the minimalist look and profusion of white, which is something this place shares with the apartment we rented for our honeymoon. The Principal, as its called, sleeps 6....maybe for that family vacation in a few years? (I can dream, right?)
We did a lot of research on where to stay in Barcelona, and finally realized that some of the best deals there are the apartment rentals. Surprisingly, you can stay in these rentals for just a few days at a time. I haven't come across these kind of short-term apartment rentals in any other city...I wonder if this is a distinctly Barcelona thing, or a new trend? Anyway, I'm glad we're getting to take advantage of it. 



 Head on over to Asos today and enter code SHOPLFW to get 20% off new styles. I'm currently in love with these pieces from Whistles.


Lady Lindsey

I love the super-feminine, throwback look that Lindsey Wixson sported at NY Fashion Week. Her hat, especially, is beyond adorable. Some of my Lindsey-inspired accessory picks:

FCUK felt trilby hat / blue portfolio clutch / suede peep toes


Our Honeymoon Destination

My wedding is now only 17 days away, and I'm super excited because that means we will be in Spain in only 18 days! You may have noticed by my frequent posts about Spanish interiors that I really love the design aesthetic in Spain. Well, we were lucky enough to be able to rent an apartment in Barcelona that is one of the most beautiful interiors I've seen.

One of the most amazing things about this place is that we will have our own rooftop patio that overlooks Placa Reial. The apartment is privately owned and rented by the company Destination BCN, which also has several other rentals in Barcelona, all of them meticulously designed and curated. I feel so lucky to be spending (part) of my honeymoon here, and I can't wait to see the space in person. Check back later this week and I'll share the other Destination BCN apartment that really knocked my socks off.


A Home in the Garden

I love how this cottage home keeps itself feeling modern with the use of neutral hues, spartan furniture and an updated kitchen. I could definitely picture myself enjoying a summer getaway here. So lovely!


Summer's last push

 I love these photos from Tamara Lichtenstein on Etsy. For me, they epitomize both the leisure and intensity that comes with summer. But September in Chicago is truly a seasonal transition: the early part of the month is planted firmly in summer's territory, but by the end of the month fall has definitely taken hold. Time to enjoy these last warm days....



Don't you think there is something that is just sort of.....delightful......about foxes? I'm loving these artists' take on the animal.

Hand-painted fox cup / Distinguished fox illustration / Green fox t-shirt / mini felted fox


Are you ready?

To shop Zara's new online store, of course. The American online retail shop debuted yesterday, accompanied by the "Dear America" project: a collection of 50 photographs by different photographers celebrating every state in the union. The images are really beautiful, and I've shared my favorites here. Clockwise from top left: California, Wyoming, Colorado, and Washington (can you tell I love the west?).


Green Dreams

Green is my favorite color, and I'm totally craving some. On another, note, I decided to start eating more vegetables. Related?

ceramic bowl / cotton pouch / emerald ring / knit pullover


River Mirrors

I am completely obsessed with these river mirrors. Handmade by a UK artist, each one is unique. Mirrors are lovely because they really add space and depth to a room, and these take it to the next level by being a beautiful (and natural) work of art. This is definitely on my wishlist for my dream home!