New Launch

While I love fashion and design, and working on Lime & Meadow has been a great motivator to stay involved in that world, I've decided that a more focused outlet for my passions is in order. Hence, my husband and I recently launched a new blog devoted entirely to our photography and original recipes. The fashion/design element has disappeared, but I think you will find that the greater effort in the food/photography realm more than compensates. The blog is young, but it has already helped fuel my creativity and forced me to take my favorite hobby (which someday I hope will turn into a career) more seriously. I hope you will check it out, and if you enjoy it, please consider becoming a follower. Its also great to get feedback and see what people do and don't like.....this will help me continue to improve the blog and give YOU even better content, so thank you for your comments!

Thanks for your support!



I'm in love with these colorful/metallic creations from Silva/Bradshaw. So geometric yet so elegant.


That Hair

I desperately wish I could master the art of the messy updo. These women make it look effortless. Find the how-to for shoulder length hair at Frankie Magazine.

Images via Frankie and Into the Gloss.


Tony Chestnut

Just discovered Tony Chestnut, a one-woman design operation out of Canada. The pieces are unique and the lookbook is phenomenal.

Also, sorry for the sporadic posts lately. I'm working on the launch of a new blog dedicated to photography, cooking, and travel.  Still working out which platform to use....for all you bloggers out there, any thoughts? I'm shooting for something customizable that doesn't require mad html skills. Mainly looking at tumblr and wordpress as alternatives to blogger. Advice?