Inspiration Board

Remember the inspiration board I promised last week? Here it is! I've clearly been feeling inspired by flowers, the 50's, and vivid colors. Although my everyday clothes are pretty varied and usually incorporate my buckle up leather sneakers and jeans, when I think about the clothes I'd like to make my ideas are almost always inspired by  a more feminine and traditional 50's feel. There will be natural waistlines, bows and ruffles, to be sure. My first two projects are already completed and I'll be sharing them soon.....but everything else is still an idea waiting to happen.

vintage pattern/ daffodils/ shift dress/ Claire Nereim calendar/ bow blouse/ brass post belt/ halter dress 

P.S. I'm suffering from a bit of header graphic schizophrenia. Still trying to refine the look of my blog, but I'm thinking simplicity is best....

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