Jean Claude Elena

Slowly but surely ramping things back up here! I have to apologize for the sporadic posts, but I've at last been settled long enough to put some semi-decent blog posts together. Although I usually focus on fashion/design/food, I wanted to switch it up a bit and highlight some amazing scents from my favorite perfumer, Jean-Claude Elena. He's currently the house perfumer for Hermes, and he keeps knocking it out of the park with one amazing perfume after another. Light, fleeting (ie low sillage) scents are his trademark, so even if you're not a huge perfume fan you might love his. By far my favorite right now is Rose Ikebana, which is a light, fresh, earthy version of rose. Jardin Sur le Nil is another great standby with slightly citrusy notes. And for evenings I love Osmanthe Yunnan, which has notes of black tea. JCE's latest in the Jardin collection is Un Jardin Sur le Toit, which I have yet to try and I'd love to get my hands on. Anyone else given it a whiff?

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