Les macarons

These colorful little guys keep popping up everywhere. Not to be confused with our American-style coconut version, the french macaron seems to be surpassing the cupcake as the dessert du jour. Frankly, I've never been a big fan of cupcakes--they're sugary sweet and rarely ever chocolatey, nutty, or creamy enough for my taste. So perhaps this change is a good one. The only thing is that I've never actually tried a macaron, and I doubt that there is any place in my little upstate New York locale that sells them. So I think I'll try making my own. For guidance, there's this book and this one. And David Lebovitz has a post about them with some helpful hints on technique. Do you have any macaron advice? Such as how to get that amazing rainbow of colors?

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  1. OK... I am REALLY late... I just found your blog... blonde/pregnant moment on my part, but I LOVE IT!!! If you want these bold colors go to Michael's and they have a huge variety of food coloring in their baking section!!! Oh, and when you're done, I will gladly taste test them!!! XOXO