What happened to Isaac Mizrahi for Liz Claiborne?

If you browsed around any department store back in 2009, you may have noticed that Liz Claiborne was given a total makeover via the designers at Isaac Mizrahi. It was a beautiful thing--a creative amalgam of 50's silhouettes (I'm always a sucker for them), pops of color, and Parisian aesthetic. The line wasn't available online, but the Liz Claiborne site promised that their online shop would return after its style makeover. So I waited. And waited. I waited through 2009, and then through 2010. And then, after falling in love with an incredible pair of Isaac Mizrahi colorblock flats recently, I went back to the Isaac Mizrahi site and was reminded of the Liz Claiborne collaboration. But upon checking out the new Liz Claiborne site (which has finally debuted) I was beyond disappointed. The first words that greeted me: "Liz Claiborne, exclusively at JCPenney." Yes, JCPenney. The brand has taken a big tumble, and now I am left to forever lament that I never bought a single item from that 2009 collection.

At least I scored the IM colorblock flats for 60% off.

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